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 Anthony Bothe 

  • Master of Education (stud)

  • Graduate Diploma of Theology in Education

  • Master Practitioner of Life Coaching

Anthony’s 20+ years’ experience in education has fostered his passion for providing the best possible learning experience for students - by ensuring we have the most motivated teachers. This has led to him being a speaker for teachers and parents on topics such as working with adolescents, parenting skills, behaviour management, team work, motivation and work-life balance. 

He studied life coaching and discovered how simple it is to create a fulfilling, meaningful, purposeful life, despite the crazy-busy life many of us choose to lead.

He has a wife, 3 adult daughters & a son-in-law, 2 cats, and would like to invest in some chooks, once he has found out how to look after them

He is passionate about helping others, especially teachers. 

A word from Anth...

Virtually every teacher I speak with tell me how busy they are, and how stressful the teaching profession has become. This concerns me. The most effective teachers are those who are able to manage their own wellbeing, yet it seems as though the busier we are, the less a priority our own needs become. And it’s meant to be the opposite!

It’s time for us to look deeply into the reasons why we allow ourselves to work in this way, and to actively seek strategies in which we can be the most effective person, and subsequently the best teacher, we can be. 

You are worth it!

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