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Attention Principals!

Staff Professional Development

Would you like your team to be even more effective and productive?


Do staff need their passion for education renewed?

Are you seeking improved student outcomes?

If the answer to any of the above questions concerns you, then dedicating some meeting time for the sole purpose of being inspired, motivated and encouraged is what your school may need.

Teachers care about their students’ wellbeing. That’s what they do. It’s an essential part of their job. They work hard trying to inspire students to be the best they can be.

Yet often, teachers ignore their own needs. They forget a basic fact: to take care of others, they first need to take care of ourselves.

Stress (or rather, being ‘over-stressed’) is a major factor in causing low outcomes and high absenteeism among staff members. Teacher well-being workshops incorporate interactive activities to engage your staff and inspire them to work together more effectively.

Using evidence based strategies which have been proven to be effective, along with practical ideas and systems, teachers will come away feeling inspired, equipped and ready to live in a balanced, more enthused way. This has a massive impact on their teaching.

By applying life coaching principles, your team will be encouraged to be the best they can be. This means not only a happier staff, but a more effective and productive one. Research has proven that teacher wellbeing is a key to better outcomes for students. It makes for a more enjoyable workplace environment, too!

Does your staff need a fun afternoon, or a full day where they will laugh, relax, and be shown some simple yet proven techniques to enhance their wellbeing? Click on the button below and let's discuss how The Teacher Coach can assist your school...

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