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'Wellbeing'. It's a word that is used (and misused) a lot these days. But what does it mean? We all agree it's important. Yet how do we actually maintain a healthy level of it? And as an educator, is it even possible? After all, we are so busy!

And it feels as though we are getting busier. 


This workshop will help you prevent the negative effects of stress on your role as a teacher and personal life. 

By attending a Teacher Wellbeing - Matters! workshop, you can not only minimise the risks of stress, but learn how to thrive and not just survive.

By applying simple techniques gained from this workshop, you will learn how to develop excellent habits to assist you throughout your career. We will explore the reasons why we behave the way we do and how to best live a life as a teacher with vision, clarity, passion and enthusiasm.

Who should attend?

  • Teachers who are motivated and would like to stay that way!

  • Teachers who want to learn techniques to deal with stress

  • Leadership teams or administrative staff who want to help their teachers be the best they can be

  • Auxiliary staff are also welcome

  • Anyone! Especially those who are interested in improving their wellbeing or the wellbeing of others in their school.


Participants will discover:

  • How to develop healthy habits in order to minimise the risk of burnout

  • Ideas on how educators can handle stress more effectively by applying mindful awareness and acceptance of emotional experience - rather than avoidance

  • Our needs as humans, and why we behave the way we do

  • A renewed enthusiasm and improvement in wellbeing

  • How to be the most effective professional person we can be.

Your workshop registration includes:

  • Enjoyable, interactive and practical learning

  • A booklet of information covered in the workshop 

  • A Certificate of Attendance for your PD records

  • Continuous refreshments, morning tea and lunch

  • A great networking opportunity

  • Opportunity to speak with a life coach both during and after the day



Early bird registration: $299 if booked more than a week in advance

Normal registration: $339

More than 1 attendee from your school $249

Register online via the links below.

Upcoming Locations & Dates:



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If you have any questions about registration of the workshop, please call us on 0403 192 651.

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