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...because teachers matter

YOU matter. Yes, you do! You matter because as a teacher, you are an incredible gift to society.


Teaching is the most important job in the world!


Yet it's also one of the most demanding. Our expectations are enormous. And then we go home; where for many of us, we invest even more time and energy with our home and life commitments.

So it's only natural that we may eventually find ourselves not thriving in our careers, but scraping through to the end of the day - just surviving.

Left unchecked, something's going to give. What starts as a constant stress may become a sense of overwhelm... this can lead to anxiety, or even depression, and other signs of chronic illnesses... quite the bleak picture. 

And to top it all off, research has proven that student learning is affected if teachers are not able to be at the top of their game. When we see that we are not being as effective as we can, this also can create even more pressure!

NOT a good way to live for anyone! Certainly not a teacher.

It sounds obvious. We need to look after ourselves.


But as teachers, we are givers. We are constantly serving the needs of others. It's in our psyche. 


It's time to act! You deserve to be the best you can be; for the students in your class, for your colleagues, and most importantly, for YOU!


It's simple. Check out upcoming workshops. There may be one in your area coming soon!


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